About our water


The history and traditions of Goodmen’s mineral water
date back to 1967. It was then when the production of Goodmen’s mineral water started which later became so well known in Estonia and Latvia. However, the factory did not survive the Soviet period and the production was ceased for decades. In 2012 a completely new factory was built in Häädemeeste where the production of equally great mineral water which decades ago had attracted many people was restored.

2Why is mineral water good for you?
Goodmen’s mineral water which is extracted from the depth of 610 metres is known for its high content of minerals. One litre contains 5.2-5.5 grams of minerals. It’s the minerals that give the water its unique taste and healing properties. The salutary effects of mineral water depend largely on the type and proportions of the minerals it contains. The advantage of natural mineral water over ordinary is that in case of the latter minerals are added artificially. It gives the water a salty taste but it lacks of many salts that can be found in natural mineral water. Goodmen’s mineral water belongs to the group of chloride calcium-sodium waters which gives the water many salutary advantages.


There are 6 different types of mineral waters to choose from
The Goodmen’s product range offers something for everybody’s liking. You can choose between salty or less salty, still or sparkling water. In addition, we also offer spring water.

Goodmen’s mineral water was labelled “Recognised Estonian Taste” by the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce (the swallow label).